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At UBEE we are committed to offering you a next level standard of urban beekeeping. In a fun and scientific manner, our professional services include beehive installations and hive protection plans.  As a customer you are set to enjoy the benefits of sustainable and healthy longevity for your personal apiary!


With healthy and successful beehives, you can also take advantage our end-of-season honey and wax processing, giving you locally produced and handcrafted honey bee products straight from your own backyard! Contact UBEE today and find out how UBEE can help YOU be part of the solution!

Doug Harper

President and CEO 

Doug has an infectious passion for beekeeping and science. His interests in beekeeping stem from his time at the University of Utah and his involvement in the development of the University of Utah Beekeepers Association.  A pre-med student-turned beekeeper, Doug decided to use his love of biological sciences to fuel his curiousity in the world of beekeeping and the complex inner workings of our winged friends. Now he wants to bring his knowledge to everyone who would like to help our pollinators too!

 Doug Harper's efforts in promoting bees in the community and within academia have led to grant awards from the UofU, keynote speaking engagements with outside states and universities, and a groundbreaking partnership with the State of Utah Agriculture Department. He is pioneering the use of thermal imaging to manage the health of beehives in the State and at the University in winter months when bees are at high risk.

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Devin Rasmussen

COO and Strategy Development Specialist

A graduate of the University of Utah's Master of Business Administration program, Devin has a passion for bringing the message of our company to the people that care about it the most.  Easy going, friendly, and knowledgeable, you can always find Devin sparking conversations with people to find out what he and they have in common.  He loves networking and developing relationships with everyone so that we all may benefit from knowing each other. He is integral to the company and showing everyone that they too can be part of the beekeeping solution at any level of interest!

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Kellie Harper

CFO and Strategy Development Specialist

A fun, educated, and well versed member of the business community, Kellie sees the larger picture for our company. Her advice and suggestions are crucial in helping UBEE develop relationships with new and exciting partners as well as keep our team focused on growth and spreading our message as an organization.  She loves the outdoors, she loves producing homestead products like garden grown salsas or canned goods, and most recently, she has learned to loved producing things made from home sourced honey and beeswax!  We love her positive attitude and guidance and hope you have the chance to meet her in person.  

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